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Perfume Tips | Michelle Phan for Lancôme

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All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations

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  1. Perfume on hair? Behind the knees? I don't follow! 😔

  2. you look completely different……worse

  3. My mom wants to buy it

  4. Where did u get that perfume

  5. Oh god I love perfume. I try to not buy it but its so hard not to haha my favorite one is meow by Katy perry :)

  6. I got all those perfumes

  7. usernameformychannel

    This perfume smells amazing! Too bad it's so expensive!:(

  8. Oh my goodness. People, when you wear hair that goes below your neck down on camera, your chin looks wider. When you lose weight/retain less water, the first place you see that is your chin.

    Insinuating people got cosmetic surgery over something like a CHIN is just silly. But, it's whatever. The more comments ppl leave (rude or nice) the more Mish gets paid :)

  9. Guys, she has contacts on. That's why she looks a bit different.


  11. This isn't her channel this is lancome's

  12. Michelle Valencia

    It's not good to spray perfumes in your skin. The perfumes' chemicals can act like an acid on your skin (leaving some different shades of skin patches) when going out to bright sunlight.

  13. mariveles grethel

    Okay so i bought perfumes alot of times already.
    But no matter what type of perfumes i bought even though the perfume stated "long lasting fragrance",the fragrance wont long last and even wouldnt smell even a minute..
    Any recommendations of what type of perfume should i buy that would long last and would smell good even though im further?

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  15. Sasha DasPotatoes

    I think she got work in her mouth done and it changed her chin shape. That's what everyone is saying

  16. maybe she just lost some weight, i dont think she did anything drastic to her face.

  17. one more thing.. she looks more matured now. i love her baby face before. she made herself 10 years older.. tsk.

  18. i hardly recognize her.. she looks good but way too different.

  19. boyfriend opens fridge, sees perfume, drinks it

  20. @JessicahUploads And your point is? If a person decides to change something about themself, then it doesn't matter. It's her face and her life. Why does changing her chin concern you?

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