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Perfume: The Newest Fragrances | Review

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  1. Oh my gosh! All of them smell so wonderful just watching you both ooh and awing!! I only use Marc Jacobs Daisy and Dot and I love both of them!!! BUT I will have to sample some of these new ones you both took the time to share with us! Thanks so much :) Appreciate your videos!!

  2. I LOVE the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid! I got a sample in my Sephora haul and just can't get enough of it. It's going on my Christmas list. Have a great weekend Girls! Hugs, Colleen xox :-)

  3. Shawn K (Candylady77sk)

    Hi ladies living the review my fav is Si must have and I need my Burberry Tom is growing on me 😘

  4. This was such a FUN video to film! We hope you enjoy it!  Please share with us your favorite fragrances!

    Congratulations to this week's Giveaway Winners:Moira Stride & Gayla G!!  Be sure to watch this week's video's and comment to be entered into next week's Giveaway!


    Karen & Lauren

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