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Perfume Talk | Dolce by Dolce Gabbana & Burberry Brit Sheer Review

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  1. Nice choice. My latest craze is about Jor'el Parker Classico by Harvey Prince. It's sweet but spicy in a unique way. Interesting and long lasting; keeps me fresh all the day. It's so lovely that I instantly ordered few more samples of different fragrances at the website – Check out for the Holiday offers at the brand – https://www.harveyprince.com/

  2. Hello I was wondering if you can do a review on the new Gucci bamboo

  3. I love perfumes and thank you so much for sharing this video.
    BTW I like your top so much.
    Lots of love<3

  4. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    You are so pretty! What camera did you use to record hunni? Great video! I liked xx

  5. The Dolce bottle looks like to bouquet you have in the background :)

  6. You had me at Perfume!❤️

  7. I am going to check them out 😍😍

  8. Scents sound very pretty tfs😉

  9. Great video, and Thank you for sharing.

  10. The Forrester Chronicles

    I'm going to start paying more attention to the notes now. I love Dolce scents!

  11. Thanks Roni! D&G rocks! I want to tell you that I have recently fallen in love with L'Extase by Nina Ricci! <3 I hope you get a sniff of it! ;-)

  12. Health&beautylover

    I need to check these out! Love your descriptions of them

  13. I need some new perfume so thanks for these suggestions! Really enjoyed this video

  14. Love the new intro and transitions Roni, and you look absolutely beautiful love the lace dress. These sound amazing, scentbird sounds tempting (you're selling me on this!!!) I need to give your recommendations a try. Great review!

  15. Hi Roni. I am new to your channel. I have have to say that I love your taste in fragrances because I have a lot of the same ones. I am also into Scent bird it's going on 5 months and I absolutely enjoy the subscription. Because of you I now have the Marc Jacobs Noir added to my collection. After I seen your first video on it I  went to Sephora the next day to check it out. I think that it was the bottle that got me. LOL. Keep the videos coming.

  16. I an a huge perfume fanatic!! I am running so low too. I am going to check the out. Great video.

  17. Very thorough review, Roni!

  18. Thank for sharing

  19. You make me wanna go out and purchase some new perfumes lol. The bottle for the Dolce one is cute.

  20. I love how you give reviews,because you description of the products are very on point,I like that…looks like I'm going perfume shopping….thanks Roni….

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