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Perfume Reviews!

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  1. CandyflossBeauty10

    @bscamed Thankyouu, im not sure because i also got it as a present, but ive seen it in The Perfume Shop, which is all around England, but im not sure if they do it in America thoughh x

  2. CandyflossBeauty10

    @xsafiax98x Oh. My bad haha, a little mistake! :)

  3. …the doll is supposed to be Japanese.

  4. CandyflossBeauty10

    Yeahh, we love the harajuku collection
    We would love to try out new perfumes :)

  5. you are both really good! I've got the Christina Aguilera and I really want the by night :) Ive got all the harajuku perfumes and I love them! – love is my favourite 😀 Your right about fantasy being for younger girls, my little sister is 9 and she loves it! I have Midnight fantasy and I think you might like it – its really sweet and smells a bit like blueberry muffins! Its slightly more grown up than fantasy too.
    Thanks for this video – it was really fun to wach 😀 xx

  6. CandyflossBeauty10

    Yeah we would love to try that perfume :) x

  7. CandyflossBeauty10

    Ahh thanks :)
    Ohh cool, we might get itt x

  8. CandyflossBeauty10

    Ermm :S
    But thanks x

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