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Perfume Review: YSL Parisienne

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  1. Clare-Alana Ford

    It had that powdery old make up smell and that just didn't do it for me :( I feel like I smelled like an old lady. If you would like my bottle of 50mils and might like to do a swap please let me know. I love your reviews xo

  2. Clare-Alana Ford

    I bought this perfume but the violet combined with the vinyl not I found plasticky & synthetic on me :(

  3. ysl eyeshadow i try was ok too much shimmer and light
    and lipstick are nice but dont last long and the lipstick is stain you can see your lip line

  4. buying it just because of your review!

  5. After so long I convinced my self so I can't wait for it this week 😀

  6. You have helped me to make sure to make this perfume one of my MUST HAVES.. Thank You :)

  7. After my friend told me that she loved this perfume.. I had to buy it 😉

  8. THIS IS MY FAVE PERFUME EVER! but sadly, its now discontinued =( i had to do a little searching to find a store that still sells it!

  9. watching this makes me want to try this & see how it'll smell on me…hope it'll work w/ my body chemistry

  10. i love this perfume too

  11. latinaslovemakeup

    i love this review….

  12. I love your reviews, they are so detailed. I feel like I could order this online without smelling it first and still love it based on your review 😀

  13. you really know how to best describe a perfume! :)

    btw, i looooove parisienne!

  14. She talks about the scents like Laura Vitale talks about food.

  15. based on your review i NEED this in my life.

  16. I love this perfume so much. I am saving up to buy a bottle because it is very expensive.

  17. this has to be the best, most descriptive perfume review ever haha:) love it!

  18. this is my all time favorite, perfume. i love the sweet smell of it. like u said very sophisticated

  19. excellent review! I sprayed it on my wrist and have actually been watching your video while trying to pick up on the top, heart and base scents…it's still developing on my skin and it's fun experiencing how it evolves and transitions. Can you do a review on Cartier's new scent, Baiser Vole? I just picked it up at Nordie's and the bottle is absolutely gorgeous, but there aren't any good reviews on youtube yet…thanks! xxxx

  20. I want her to do a perfume review for the Justin Bieber Someday perfume

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