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Perfume Review: Truth Or Dare by Madonna


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  1. I hated this scent when I first tested it but I think I'm gonna give this another chance, I'm expanding my horizons with perfumes and willing to try anything new outside of my comfort zone, I always loved tuberose and white florals so I hope if I try again vi end up liking this

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  3. I love this fragrance so much it's so classic and elegant everything that Madonna wanted to achieve… I think people who love fruity perfumes wouldn't like this but if you love a timeless sensual scent this is for you!! Great Review! 

  4. 75ml our 100ml???

  5. tuberose and gardenia are my favorite white florals and I love gourmand florals…I am hoping this will be a tuberose bomb! :) Must try this!!!

  6. This was the fiercest thing I watched all day 

  7. I love all of your reviews. Love your passion for perfume. I also love your taste in music! I especially love Mariah :-)
    Keep it up, you're a natural. You're truly in your element when you review perfumes! Your reviews are fantastic, also inspiring xox

  8. what religion does modonna follow?

  9. ew…! do you take it in the rear…?!!!

  10. Mmm, I'm thinking cheesecake. I was gonna get it to wear when I do drag. Guess I can and will wear it on a regular basis. 😀

  11. I have fame and I hate it. It was given to me as a present. Once I smelled Truth or dare, I thought it was much better. And I'm not keen on Lady Gaga or Madonna either.

  12. Oh my god he does look like a male madonna O_O That's amazing <3

  13. Thanks!

  14. Great review!! Queen florals love that its so Madonna I love it

  15. I just got my hands on this ! and I must say it has moved up to the TOP of my list! I'm beyond in love with this scent! it is so sophisticated and mature but yet playful at the same time! it is a mastepiece in my opinion! I love how it smells like beautiful white flowers and sweet vanilla and creamy amber it is just devine and I will always have this in my collection of top 5 perfumes bravo to madonna!

  16. I absolutely hated this perfume at first, but since then, my perfume taste has expanded a lot. And this one is on sale at TJ Maxx for $10, so I'll give it another try :)

  17. Looks overly religious

  18. schoolgirl homicide

    what a beautiful black bitch

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