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Perfume Review: The Key by Justin Bieber

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  1. Camelia Effendhi

    I am waiting you to open the perfume bottle. -_-

  2. So, I never thought I would be interested in something like this, but your personality and overall presentation hooked me :3 Going to go binge watch your vids :3

  3. Is this for guys?

  4. You should review his collector edition (it's only at target)
    Plus I hav Justin's someday love it and going to get the key and the collector edition

  5. This bottle design is to die for. I hate that I want this because Justin is such a [summer's eve] IMO. 

  6. Love, love the bottle design!…..The scent is nice too.

  7. I really hate that gaudy box + lotion design; it doesn't suit the elegant bottle at all. What's up with the weird combo?

  8. the jagged torn mag ad is very tasteful.

  9. it look a lot like the nicki minaj box

  10. My best friend is justin bieber fan, and I've been with her when she's bought every j-beebs fragrance. I thought someday and girlfriend were blah (no offense) I'm just not into the "red berries". I also thought they kind of smelt like Nicki Manaj's fragrance (I don't know if I spelled that right). Anyway the key was so different, clean, and more mature, I totally got the T-swift vibe, and I really liked it! It's the first j-beebs that ever made it onto the want list. Plus the bottle is so much better than the toy like things from before, the noise the key makes on the bottle is addicting haha. I think the ad is so creepy, I think they key is supposed to be to his "hotel room" for "roofie time" hahaha. Eww. 

  11. Jen Luv's Reviews

    With the way Justin has been acting lately I'd bet she's probably passed out, drunk rather than roofied. Or just worn out from taking too many selfies.

  12. If you look up the perfume on ulta website it shows the notes and yes there is peach nectar in it. 

  13. Kendra Kleinhenz

    I love Justin Bieber alot! And his 3 perfumes! Great job on this video! :D

  14. please do a review of that moment by one direction

  15. Oh my gosh! I love your reviews so much! I love your sense of humor,

  16. They have the actual notes in the perfume listed on fragrantica.

  17. I feel like this fragrance and Taylor by Taylor Swift made of starlight are extremely similar

  18. Before he rufee'd her hahahaha ur hilarious x

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