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Perfume Review: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted

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  1. Could you please do a review of "that moment" and/or "you and I" both by one direction? I see you have done an our moment review and was wondering if you could do the rest? I love your vids. , keep being awesome !! :-)

  2. Haha we are never ever gonna mess with the sea erchant!!! Your awesome… I luv your vids

  3. He has midnight heat by Beyoncé and he also has the body lotion and shower gel for it

  4. is this similar to killer queen? love your videos btw but i always go on a shopping spree after watching them :p

  5. hey, I have the flowery, red bag on wonderstruck enchanted that you described eventhough I bout taylor by taylor instead of enchanted. But the red bag looks much better than Taylor by taylor bag.

  6. somethingilike wirte

    I miss ur fragrance review…

  7. Summer Swift 5SOS

    haha the story

  8. where do you get all the money to buy all this FROM?? HAHA! 

  9. lol, Owww let down on the bag you thought you were receiving, but at least you got a weekend bag covered entirely of your FAV material/print, hehe 😛 XxoO

  10. lol the box reminds of when i get a new barbie when i was younger…barbie box ()

  11. angeldirectionerdoll

    Love :-)

  12. angeldirectionerdoll

    Love :-)

  13. I loved the bag-story!

  14. So… her lucky number is 13? That's so dangerous of her… like biting into a hot apple pie fresh out of the oven! No Taylor, don't do it! Use a tong!

  15. we are never ever gonna mess with the sea urchin…..LOL

  16. Dude! I love watching you, you are so entertaining, I didn't get bored once! 

  17. The fact tht u made up a story is just omg funny ??? great videos

  18. even though you already know that XD

  19. The chair is a couch turned sideways

  20. Lol! Cool story…and i'm a swiftie

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