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Perfume Review: Taylor by Taylor Swift

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  1. review for merry me (lanvin)) please

  2. Think your lovley love your reviews xx

  3. Please do more reviews please miss you

  4. I love the beautiful bird sounds in the background

  5. you should do a favorites video

  6. the litchi is the one dominating at my nose point of view

  7. I find this to smell super similar to Fancy Love! I was outraged when I smelled it! haha!

  8. You should do a review of "Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight"

  9. love it ♥♥♥

  10. Aira San Antonio

    The pearls could be used on ponytails like you use a thin rubber hair tie then you slip the pearls in your ponytail so you have a nice set of pearls on your hair (i found that on Tumblr) but yeah that's pretty much it. Thank you for your reviews!! They help me decide what to get. 

  11. Subscribe…I love you sweetheart!

  12. I like you:) Thanks for your good videos.


  14. Perhaps she wanted it to be used as a charm on a real bracelet or necklace. (:

  15. britneymusicsource

    the bottle is actually a door knob. it goes to the door to her soul!

  16. I want!

  17. I got a rollerball and I thought that I would like it because I have er other fragrances even though i'm not a fan of hers and there very nice. This however smells very musky and kind of old to me not a fan.

  18. I have the shower gel:-)

  19. Please do the One Direction perfume 

  20. How do you know that he has passed away? 

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