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Perfume review Shalimar by Guerlain

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  1. I also make perfume reviews from a woman's perspective if you want to check that out ?

  2. It is the ONE for me. My favorite since the 70's.

  3. sexy milf show us your backside

  4. I finally was able to recover my YouTube password. Happy days…..more videos to come!

  5. You feel about it just as I do! Perfume sales associates always pummel me with overly sweet gourmands when I tell them I like vanilla scents. Telling me I am so young and I should wear these young (synthetic smelling) scents! Yuck.
    I love vanilla, the sexy kind mixed with leather that is Shalimar!
    Snagged an older toilette on eBay and I'm so pleased (after having a sample of the new juice from sephora). I most definitely need the parfum. 

  6. The "classic" fragrances(one's that have been around at least 50+ yrs.) have the magic ability to recall to mind the past & happier times- usually if your mother or grandmother once wore them. It also applies to men, in the case of colognes like Old Spice(also an "oriental" fragrance)- many women like their men to wear it because it reminds them of their fathers/grandfathers who once wore it(even if somewhat too heavily!).

  7. Really enjoyed your review!! I really hope you continue doing reviews!! I also ADORE shalimar and i am glad you got the right formulation. I have the same bottle as you do…the newer formulation, despite having a way more beautiful bottle, is way watered down and sweetened up. Not bad either, because for butchering this jewel you would have to really try hard, but deff has lost some of its character…how much i'd love to buy me a 30 ml 50's or older pure parfum bottle…<3
    Agree with the projection monster…once i was distracted and i oversprayed this one and people commented in the subway things like "holy shi***!! have you noticed like a punch of perfume?" jajajajajajajaja! i felt so bad!!

  8. Glad you finally got your hands on the infamous Shalimar! Have you smelled the other concentrations yet, edt, edc and pure parfum ? Nice review!

  9. This lady has chosen my last two fragrances, hasn't picked a bad one yet, What's the next one you got in store for me Aggie?

  10. You've just had your debut alongside Shalimar. Congrats. I smelled it for the first time, as a toilette, last week and immediately put in two orders. Both my eau de parfum and parfum (the pure extrait) of Shalimar arrived today. I am in love with this fragrance. I never want to be without it. I'm glad you found it too.

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