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Perfume Review: Rogue by Rihanna


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  1. So amazing! I love you!

  2. Maybe it only has the effect on me, but I get a beef scent. This one seems like it's for men or women who wear men's cologne. Rebelle is hands down my favourite. Rihanna has the best celebrity scents.

  3. I love how you describe fragrance! It's almost poetic 

  4. I'm not a huge fan of Rihanna's fragrances this far. I own Reb'l Fleur, Rogue and Rogue man with Rogue Love on it's way in the mail . I find Rogue to be to lemony, Reb'l Fleur to be too strong and bitter and then Rogue Man too be too masculine. I'm just hopping that both the other 3 (technically 4) are a lot nicer and a little more airy.

  5. Ok I never knew a perfume could be described so in depth…. I am blown away you have a gift.

  6. Guys stop it. He's not dead. he probably just lost interest, whatever it is, we should respect it. Just be glad he's alive and well. 

  7. He passed away.

  8. Come backkkkk :) miss your videos

  9. Please can you do a Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy review? It would be great!
    (if you're coming back-hope so!!!)

  10. kittysmokesganjaful

    I miss u come back!!! Its been too long!

  11. I miss ur videos!!!

  12. We miss you, please come back! :(

  13. Can u do a review on the new Rogue Love fragrance by rihanna I'm really torn between two fragrances and I would like your opinion on it as I do agree with a lot of your opinions on the perfumes u review.

  14. Hey, where are you? You didn't post anything in almost 8 months. Are you alive? :(

  15. Oh boy you are miss I hope you are be okay =) I hope you come back

  16. it feels like you put your heart into this video :) thanks i laughed when you were like 5:57 "playful or charming and then…. TERIBBLE Lmao

  17. Will you be doing Incredible Things by Taylor Swift? :-)

  18. Pls do christina aguilera perfume reviews

  19. Incredible Things by Taylor Swift

  20. why you make no Reviews of parfums from Designers or niche parfums?it would be cool

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