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Perfume Review: Rebelle by Rihanna

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  1. i just bought it today and its alright it reminds me of the hookah bar the strawberry chocolate tobacco! :)i smell the ginger cinnamon in it although very sweet spicy great for the fall and winter! night time perfume :)

  2. I'm surprised you didn't notice leather… THIS (in addition to Le Male) is my FAVES… I think it smells better on men… smoking men.

  3. Can a Manly man rock this?

  4. I hated the original, hopefully this is a lot better

  5. i regret not getting the gift pack with all 3 scents blehh..definitely this xmas 👍👍

  6. I don't think is good for me. I prefer the rogue.

  7. Just bought my bottle today..luv it. :)

  8. it smells pretty bad i think.

  9. I love your reviews. Thank you so much! And you are really cute and adorable.


  11. this is all i ever wear its so nice i love it

  12. when i first smelt it it smelt like chocolet!!?

  13. no. indonesia is the very last

  14. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  15. Elih Friedchickenquinisha

    I love this ! I think it smells like coconut

  16. beflamboyantreviews

    Just bought Nude, Im sure you probably already have it because the Uk is always last for getting celeb fragrances. Please review :) I love your videos so much.

  17. I wanted to love this! I love the smell of chocolate,coffee but this smelled atrocious one. It lasted so long too,an absolute pond monster.

  18. Can you do review for Rihannas Perfume Nude?? Pleaseeeeee :)

  19. Her tattoo says "never a failure,always a lesson,but it is purposely pirrored,not her picture but the tattoo,she said so she can see it on a mirror

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