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Perfume Review: Our Moment by One Direction

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  1. Lindsie A. Aleman (Linz)

    Have this perfume and I haven't wear it but it's still in the box and I keep it in there because I don't want to take it out everytime I look at it

  2. I'm gonna be honest. The first time I smelled this I really didn't like the smell because it smelled bad. Then after a year, I smelled it again and then it smelled good. Like wtf? So I ended up buying it. 

  3. Mariah Williams (oohthatmariah)

    P.s do you and I!

  4. Mariah Williams (oohthatmariah)

    Lmfao I love your honesty, you're not fancying anything up and u say how it is. "We have this chunk of glass" haha I had a good laugh cause I expected "we have this beautiful octagon glass shape-it's so beautiful blah blah" keep in the good videos!

  5. I loved your review! I'm glad Harry wasn't in the center too :) Niall is my favourite 


  7. It sure doesn't fade away too quickly. I sprayed it on in the perfume store and hated it and it didn't really come off even after taking a shower! it's so bubblegum sickly sweet, gives me nausea. I wanted to buy it so badly because I love 1D but no :D

  8. I feel like this one has a bit of a sour dry down, it wasn't my skin chemistry either.

  9. great im glad your back i missed you……. 

  10. Why am i just seeing this video. Omg I've been waiting for this. Lol

  11. butterflycupecake

    You are my favorite Youtube channel on here :) I am so happy that you are back!! 

    I hate the bottle!!

  12. Please upload more, I really love your videos!

  13. xoPinkLady Lovesxo

    can you tell me a purfume u can compare the scent to please thank u love ur new subby :)

  14. Heyyyy Greg! We miss you, or at least I do :'( I know you must be busy but please remember us, the subscribers. It would be great if you did another review or at least an update video. PLEASE COME BACK!!!!

  15. Can you do a video showing us your whole collection? 

  16. Please do a review of that moment by 1D

  17. Nicki Minaj Deluxe Edition PLEASE YASSSSS 

  18. do vintage bloom by Jessica simpson  I have bought a lot of my prefumes  after watching your reviews!

  19. britney spears remix plz…..

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