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Perfume Review: Nude by Rihanna

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  1. Loved the review thanks I love nude!!

  2. Is it better nude or rogue for a day time wear? 

  3. Georgia Perisanidis

    amazing review ahhhh!!!!!! this perfume is just perfect i think. rihanna can't go wrong. ah! :')

  4. I have a sample of this. Not too big a fan of the Rebel series. But this is nice. Can't wait until you do Rogue! That's one of my favorites at the moment. Fruit/Patchouli at it's best! Celebs tend to mess up when it comes to Musky or Patchlouli frags, but she did pretty well. It's summer though, so I can't wear it much. It's pretty powerful! Thanks for your review! Love your channel! 

  5. Love nude

  6. Today I bought nude love it

  7. Reb'l fleur and nude are my favorites! 

  8. I smelled it not soo good

  9. Nude is the best one, I luv it :D

  10. Jhorell Benig (RudeboyZolanski)

    Do ROGUE please :D

  11. Well nude is a skin scent it's not meant to project,only if someone hugs you or is very close can they smell it as you said and intimate fragrance

  12. honestly nude was one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled

  13. I love this perfume soooo much when I once smelled and its scent smelled like something I haven't smelt before I my life, such a unique smell

  14. Song: A mothers Interlude
    Artist: Benjamin The Esquire
    Album: Lyrical Catechism
    Side note: The version i found was a rap version type thing. There may be another..

  15. Leeing Xaynyalart

    "I dont know why but it makes me so happy" hahah youre so cute !

  16. this was best fragrance i smelled by her cause other two smelled like weed and it was nasty to me. great review. please do more

  17. Bless you

  18. your fantastic.. very entertaining and a wonderful review.. just subcribed!!

  19. You are so fabulous! i wanna meet u in person not kidding!

  20. Good review!

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