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Perfume Review: Nina Ricci “Nina”

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  1. Really? Very favored among men? I didnt know guys wear that perfume too…

  2. Upasana Papadopoulos

    That really was an amazing review. You are a natural at describing scents. I wish I had seen this a long time ago, but am only now looking into this scent. Thank you!

  3. ProudNindependent Hill

    i just smelled this perfume on a department store, omg i cant stop smellling my wrist….i am so going back to buy it…i love it i love it

  4. Thx for the review. You hit the nail on the head. Men definitely like this perfume. My brother bought it for his wife and that's when I smelled it for the first time and fell in love with it. You can really smell the peony I think and the musk – it's gorgeous – smells nice on me and just sprayed in the air – I reckon it'll grab a guys attention pretty quickly. It's absolutely heavenly and I'm going to buy a bottle tomorrow! x

  5. where do you buy ur perfume thank you 😉

  6. SheFallsUpStairs

    Great review, I've been contemplating asking for this for my birthday and now I think you may have swayed me!

  7. Good review

  8. i just followed a link to this vid from a fragrance group on FB. and i have to say, you're freakin' gorgeous. (also, great review. lol)

  9. awesomeee review =)

  10. thanks for reviewing :)

  11. At least you know what it smells like now:)

  12. Dillon Loblaw-smith

    i dont know why i watched that 😛 i dont like perfume and i wasnt really planning on buying it 😛

  13. Its because of the backdrop isn't it? I LOVE that lamp 😀

  14. Does it work well in higher altitudes? I'm thinking mountains?

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