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Perfume Review: Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

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  1. I love her bottle range but i have to agree on the face but no hate because its nicki minaj!!!!

  2. what does it smell like? lol, I see u r doing that now.

  3. Can you review the new Katy Perry Mad potion 

  4. Aunniece Stewart

    I have one Nick I manaj perfume

  5. Mine has a gold necklace that says nikki minaj

  6. It smells like KATY PERRY PURR.

  7. i want this! and ur so funny <3

  8. you're adorable omfgg <3

  9. It smells like JBs Someday

  10. After your little "Death" description of her I will never look at my bottle of Pink Friday again! 

  11. "And the Bag is called …. The Bag… " (Rollin) Lmao

  12. MissHarajukuBlonde

    Although I really didn't like your minajesty review, I really enjoyed watching this one. Very well done :3 The decapitation part freaks me out a little too! insert crying laughing face here

  13. you are so cute , I love the gays 

  14. you earned my like when you said the bottle looked like a corpse!

  15. Great review! I hate the bottle, but I do enjoy the scent. 

  16. shoortandsweetmd x0x0

    Glass to represent that ass haha

  17. Gorgeous Messxoxo

    U so rude like get a life 

  18. Will you get Rogue by Rihanna?

  19. "It's all a little bit tacky, but I mean it's………..you know, it's Nicki Minaj." Haha! I literally lol'd. Most EPIC comment. I love you for that!

  20. Pink friday isn't scary?! And the necklace isn't even sharp

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