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Perfume Review: Minajesty by Nicki Minaj

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  1. Ms Iam Everythang

    Good review, haven't smelled any of her fragrances, that bottle is not scary. Its unique and seems one of a kind in design.

  2. Nicki did not want to look like a fucking clown

  3. When are you doing Onika its a lot more mature so i hope u like that one

  4. jessica magali henng guel

    I actually have the perfume pink Friday from Nicky Minaj bought I don't have this one I did see it in the mall and tested it on my skin and did the long run test which is where you leave the mall with the perfume on your skin and see if it stays on 

  5. Riri The Queen fenti

    I love your videos on perfumes we learn lots of things about the stars of perfumes. How much does a perfume like nicki minaje cabinet or alone.
    Thank you soon too nice collection ^^

  6. I'm a huge Nicki minaj fan, but I must admit her fragrances are so bland and naff. This is her best in my opinion, I personally think this one is okay, no where near my favourite, but it's nice to wear round the house or the shop! But I agree with what you said about the bottle! The bottle is nasty!!! 😂

  7. It not an bustier it's an bra with the little sprinkly things on it 

  8. I got the bigger one

  9. redlipstick_rebelle

    Some of her fans are so pressed and annoying. Are you the creative director of the perfume bottle? If he doesn't like it he doesn't like it

  10. u mad like why trash her if u brought the dam bottle

  11. This is one of my all time favorites. . It makes me feel fresh and sexy 😍 thanks for the video 😙

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