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Perfume Review – Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose

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  1. Super parfumdu.锘

  2. Excellent review, I really like this fragrance锘

  3. I'm loving this fragrance review!锘

  4. You review scents so fantastically well V, 聽so when I saw you were聽doing a perfume review I got really excited!!聽聽I am very intrigued and will have to check this one out :)聽 聽I would really like to finally find a perfume that I am聽especially fond of!聽 聽I love cedar in home fragrance too.聽聽聽 Xoxo, CeCe锘

  5. Love the fragrance review :) I used to wear Anna Sui Classic but it's just so hard to get now. I switched to Bath & Body's Twilight Woods which smells very similar. I'm going to have to go into Macy's and sniff this one.锘

  6. I was really excited to see a new kind of video from you~ 聽I don't have a lot of perfumes myself, but I would like to build a collection up once all my body mists are FINALLY used up. 聽Going so far as to use them to mist my bedding just to get through them.

    As for my go-to perfume right now, I'm back to my Lady Gaga Fame. 聽It doesn't last all day long, but since I work out of home, only going out to run errands or see family and friends, it doesn't have to. 聽My grandmother bought it for me for my birthday in 2012, and it's been the fall/winter scent I reach for. 聽My fiance really loves it on me too.

    Just something about the combination of orchid and honey, plus the darker notes, that really sold me on the fragrance in the store. 聽When I run out, I'll definitely get a new bottle.锘

  7. Please do more fragrance reviews! You are so thorough and I appreciate that very much. ~Elizabeth锘

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