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Perfume Review: Lancôme Hypnôse Senses

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  1. Takes a lot of research, and editing. I'm sure I spent several minutes just staring into space…

  2. Well, this got marked as spam and I just saw it. Worst. Youtuber. Ever. You're too kind, Rachel.

  3. Love your eyes, but then you always do a beautiful job on them.
    You are so eloquent. I get about 3 sentences going on a fragrance and then that's it. Thank you for the review! : )))

  4. I totally agree with everything Cam said. You're no slouch, my friend. I wish I could speak like this, with fragrance and then everything else that people talk about. 😛 <3 xxx

  5. @PunchyPink87 you may call me Captain Obvious, but my amusement at this comment was enhanced by its position in the queue

  6. @BlushingForeigner Wow Cam, I'm having a bit of star shock! I love your videos and I am so glad you enjoy mine too. Perfume is still a new topic for me, and there is so much to learn. Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait for a follow up on your American Girl in Denmark video!

  7. @heirloomessentials Thanks Sheila, shoes would be a great alternative (aren't they always?). Thanks for watching :)

  8. @Purplestars1986 Thanks gurrrl, it's that Storm Palette..Sleek is legit.

  9. @Purplestars1986 Mine too! I am looking forward to finding one.

  10. @TheBluegrassBabe I am on it, that sounds great for summer! Nothing in my collection is jumping out at me, and peach is a tough note to do well, this will be fun!

  11. BlushingForeigner

    Damn girlfriend. You're a perfume-savant. The Rainman of the olifactory system. I loved this review. Love all your videos. You speak so sharply and eloquently about all products you touch. Thank you! I don't think this is the perfume for me. :) Take care…

  12. heirloomessentials

    Love your fragrance reviews!! Such a discerning sniffer–I just don't have the skill. Sounds like I'll be saving my money & passing on this one. Maybe a another pair of shoes…..

  13. Great review Lauren! I especially love your eye makeup here, not sure why but it's awesome!

  14. @TheBluegrassBabe Ooooo I second this Lauren! This sounds like my kinda scent.

  15. I have a request…. or it may turn into more of a quest, ….find a fruity ( like berries and peaches but not coconut) nothing TOO sweet, something fresh, maybe a tiny bit floral or clean, maybe with a little vanilla…that doesn't smell like a teenager, because I'm in my 30's. Also, here it the kicker, something that doesn't fade after 20 minutes like an overpriced body splash. lol. Please and thank you. Oh, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED sparkling ciders as a little girl too. <3

  16. @MsKimiKiwi Noo! I loved your perfume collection! I've been eyeing some VS scents. You're great at describing scents, Kimi!

  17. Omg I'm jealous of your knowledge of fragrances. I'm like…blah blah blah…bombshell ismells so good…I love love love it…smells like citrus. The end :)

  18. @PunchyPink87 You are articulate! And very persuasive re: twitter.

  19. Dear Articulate Bitch,
    Stop making other Grad students look dum. Also ur eyeshadow looky deal is looking fabulous today #imarticulatetoo

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