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Perfume Review: Killer Queen by Katy Perry


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  1. no lol i think she killed the king that crown on the floor in the ad is a kings crown so i think she killed the king and took over so she really is the killer queen so i think she is showing the power of a women thats why the fragrence is so Machore also if you look at the bottom of the shower gel it has the same detail as the lining of the kings crown it only makes scence since she is washing the old away and beggining a new reign

  2. I think the queen she's trying to kill is lady gaga

  3. I have this one too and it smells really nice. And yeah I'm a guy (Not that I see myself as a guy) But I really like that stuff. Actually; I'm even wearing it sometimes. My nr.1 favorite fragrance in men's stuff (actually it's unisex) is Calvin Klein's One Summer. Very light, fruity, smells like summer. I like that, the light and unisex stuff. I don't like the heavy masculine men's stuff. Besides Katy Perry I also have a bottle of Nicki Minaj's perfume, that smells a little too PINK and. I really like Britneys Circus Fantasy I had Fame by Lady Gaga and Rebelle by Rihanna. Gave that last one to my mother after she asked what's that nice smell in the house? Bought her a bottle of Rogue by Rihanna for her last birthday. I would love to see a Lana Del Rey perfume released. That would be nice. I adore Lana. 

  4. where have you been?? i've been missing you please make another brilliant video again Gregory! :) take care..

  5. Maybe the bottle lies down because the throne in the advertisement is lying down

  6. Can u review royal revolution

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