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Perfume Review: Katy Perry Killer Queen

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  1. Ur hot.

  2. Haha I would like to work in The Perfume Shop 😛 xx

  3. Woop woop the shirt we got! Thank you! I agree it is a big shame, it did have massive potential! But you need to review the truth 😛 xxx

  4. Yes it is :)

  5. Is that the 1, 7 ??

  6. Rob wheeler let me tell u that Freddie mercury was a big influence on Katy Perry before lady gaga claimed to like him so shesbthe one who copied her

  7. Killer Queen? Also a lyric from The Queen by Lady Gaga. xD

  8. Yay matching shirts! 😀 I really do love your perfume reviews! I do like this fragrance, but as you said – it really is nothing special. Which is a shame because it had major potential! Great review though! <3 xx

  9. You should work at a perfume shop or something! Your descriptions would win me over! xx

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