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Perfume Review: Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Collection

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  1. beflamboyantreviews

    I'm so glad you are back! You're the reason I got into collecting fragrances in the first place. I also dislike the Girlfriend bottle, it's like a slinky. Not a huge fan of the fragrance either but I prefer it to One Directions most recent efforts. I'd love to see more designer videos from you. Have you tried Secretions Magnifiques? I'd LOVE to see you do a reaction video to that fragrance, I did it and found it horrific but since have come to like it.

  2. I could watch you all day!!!


  4. I just discovered your channel I love u ! You're great

  5. as far as I can remember, he posted someday and the key, but not girlfriend.

  6. He did…..

  7. i swear you already posted this haha

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