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Perfume Review: I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson

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  1. I am obsessed w ur reviews… I'm gunna binge watch a LOT of them… u make me want to run to a winners/marshalls asap … I'm in the gta… so I know what u mean about running to the states to find some fragrances we can't find here that easily. ..

  2. you are soo dead on with your reviews. when it comes to the fragrances that i like & dislike you always know how to express my thoughts. i love your reviews!

  3. Finally got to try this and its my favorite! She came out with a 5th scent for this line called Fancy Girl. Are you going to review that??

  4. Stephanie Mendez

    Do a review on Tous Touchhhh pleaseee

  5. She has another fragrance called Vintage Bloom! Please review it if you can get a hold of it, I love your reviews! :) 

  6. I just saw on FragranceX.com a new perfume in the fancy collection by Jessica Simpson…
    It's called Fancy Girl, I can't even find it on Fragrantica to check out what the notes are…
    Heres a link in case ur interested in taking a look at it :)  just caught my attention while i was looking at the newest arrivals and i was like "ohmygod when did this happen" lol


  7. Just watched a few videos I'm subbed you are great :-) 

  8. stephany lovingthejourney

    I just found you and subscribed! I love the way you describe the essence of the perfume! I now know what to purchase next to expand my collection. Thank you!!

  9. I think fancy love is the best of all!! love it…

  10. I would love it if you would review Jessica Simpson's Vintage Bloom! :) I notice its the only Jessica Simpson perfume you haven't reviewed

  11. where do u purchase your fragrances from??

  12. If you live in The U.S.A. or Puerto Rico, I have seen this perfume at Perfumania. Go to their website and click "Store Locator" to find one near you.

  13. Hands downs. This is Jessica Simpson's best perfume in her line. And it's affordable, too. :-)

  14. I never get so many compliments as when I'm wearing this perfume, literally every day people come up and want to know what I'm wearing lol. They did an amazing job with this….loooooove it!! Your reviews are the best, keep up the good work! :)


  16. What perfumes do you recommend that men can wear as a cologne? I love the smell of Fancy Nights and i currently wear that one every so often, but ive been interested in wearing Siren and I Fancy You. Im a straight man who loves to explore with smells, could these two pass off as colognes?

  17. love the bottle

  18. can you please do a review on vintage bloom grom Jessica Simpson

  19. TheToasteddoughnuts

    what perfume do you recommend for teens? 😀 love your videos!

  20. Is this perfume limited edition? I can't seem to find this anywhere in department stores..

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