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Perfume Review: Hot Couture by Givenchy

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  1. Great review!! <3

  2. I was in the bench about this perfume..but after stumbling on your review I frantically searched Google (since I heard it has been discontinued) and found it online..finally it has arrived and I love it! Your review was so apt..Very true that this is for the Samantha and not the Carrie or Charlotte type. Definitely wearing this on my honeymoon :-) 

  3. Georgia Perisanidis

    adore your reviews!!!!!!! just excellent. :) thank you!!!

  4. It;s a naughty girl perfume!!

  5. Xochitl Gonzalez

    bhad bitch perfume

  6. The bottle used to be different though! It used to be black and silver with the silhouette of a lady and used to sit back like a picture frame. The new bottle is nicer. 

  7. This was my signature perfum when I got my first job in 2000!!!

  8. TheGlamorousQueen

    you are too cute I would love It if you could check my channel out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. I love you. Thank you so much, you do the best reviews and so nice to watch, great work. Much love, xoxoxo

  10. i am a straight guy but i dont mind wearing beautiful women perfume…i dont think hot couture and feminite du bois are good substitutes..feminite du bois has plumy note and hot couture has berry …btw, i have both and if you want to try hot couture, try the vintage version which had black background in the bottle..thats deeper and richer

  11. v nice review…:)))

  12. If I were to go for a berry scent would probably pick out smthg less sweet, and more sophisticated, like feminite du bois by serge Lutens….

  13. I love your home made display to showcase the scent. You could be a talented window dresser! I have encountered this fume at Macy's. they claim it is a hot seller and apparently men are instantly attracted to it on a woman. It is an interesting one to sniff because it really does live up to the hot name. The whole effect is like a burning cigarette/smokey sweet berry. I wouldn't be surprised if you can find an ecigarette with such a setup. This frag was too sweet to my taste, and besides I,m a

  14. love your reviews, so informative..

  15. this is my faveeeee perfume. has been for years 😀 <3

  16. I've really wondered what is your job?

  17. I looooovvvvveee this perfume!!!! I totally agree with u this is a very sexy perfume. Love the sweet and peppery scent to it! Very good review 😉

  18. LOVING the Cher (ok Burlesque) theme! I'm definitely trying this one. Thanks! <3

  19. You totally would be my best friend.

  20. Dreamloverlambi1

    LMAO your face at 2:00 was priceless

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