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Perfume Review: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance ‘G’

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  1. I love this one; smells like coconut bubblegum. Cheap and cheerful.

  2. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  3. super kawaii

  4. can you do the gwen stefani L.A.M.B perfume review doll

  5. In my opinion, Lil Angel smells like beer

  6. I will get Music in two Days Smell GOOD?

  7. The smacking!! Geez

  8. its actually possible to get your hands one the tester bottles, there floating around on ebay or amazon x'D since I ran out of one of my HL bottles, I didnt feel like buying another bottle with a doll so I just got me the tester instead and just kept the doll on my dresser

  9. hellokittygirl3611

    i counted all ur perfume on ur channel u have 107

  10. I got Music and that one has pretty good lasting power, of course by the end of the day it doesn't project much but I could definitely still smell it. I even fell asleep with it on and could smell it the next morning.

  11. @AnneLien1987 Lil Angel and G are my faves too

  12. loooooove this perfume in the summer time!!!

  13. Hi! I have all of these scents and I love them but they do not last long on your skin….. later in the day, or halfway through the day you feel like you're not wearing any perfume

  14. I have all 5 from that collection plus 2 limited edition ones. I love them all!!! there is not 1 I dislike. Seriously

  15. Yippie, I finally got all the girls. They were on sale :) I love Lil' Angel the most.

  16. i prefer the 10ml ones as i dont really use it often but i love it have the Christmas limited edition one! G's my fav of all!

  17. please do a review for (i think its called) jingle j! the christmas one! i think its new:)

  18. wow. when you explain it. ifeel like ican smell it ^-^ yumm. ihad G before and iloved it soo much. bought a bottle for my friend. both her and her boyfriend loves it. yes it doesnt last as long so that was a con for me but ilove it

  19. Can You Do Onee For ' Love ' ?
    && Can You Please Answer Thee Question ' What Summer Fragrance Would You Recommend For A 13 Year Old Girl? '
    Thankss, Much Loveee<3

  20. I love how detailed your reviews are! Keep up the amazing reviews :)

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