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Perfume Review – Harajuku Lovers “Baby”

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  1. 15 dollars at Ross >u< I know where I'm going ~

  2. it smells like baby powder =)

  3. I pay it 30 euros :(

  4. @kdelagar excellent! :)

  5. @Efteldingetjes Waar?? 😀

  6. @GirlzUnknown
    ah that's brill! always good to get a bargain :)

  7. I just got this today on sale for half of :)

  8. @MsFamilyGuy12345
    hi, glad you found them ok, and definitely dont pay £153! :-) enjoy

  9. Nope, its the same, just different packaging.
    Thanks for watching
    Julie x

  10. does the Snow Bunnies Baby smell different from the original Baby?

  11. They do look cute, but i'm not tempted by them, as i do like more classic scents.
    But good review.x

  12. Thanks! hope you're keeping well.
    J xx

  13. Great Review xx

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