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Perfume Review: Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne

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  1. Question for u..Which Avril's fragrance smells alike like Taylor's Wonderstruck?
    Forbidden Rose or Wild Rose?

    Or which is bettter?

  2. Black Star smells like Luscious Pink. 

  3. i think it's about 20$ for a little bottle 😉

  4. Hikaru Hitachiin

    i just got it! it smells really nice :)

  5. how much was it?

  6. Elizabeth Caza-Krump

    If you wanna know what a "GRENADE FLOWER" is, whrite "FLEUR DE GRENADE" on google its easier to find it in french 😉

  7. Can u do a review on the new Justin bieber perfume the key

  8. i love This One its sooo roseeeyyyyyy smellll

  9. Not at all to me. It kinda reminds me of Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink.

  10. The iScent!

  11. Really funny thing happen to me… When I smell the bottle in the box, it smells like new computer… N to think that there is apple note in there… I guess Apple like Apple mac book or some other apple computers. lol

  12. Wild roseee please :D♥


  14. Danica E. Guevarra

    can you do wild rose by avril lavigne pls? :)

  15. I always heard that this is her best perfume! I need to have it!

  16. you make nice review with all the perfumes :))

  17. The Movie Planet

    Hey, "Grenade flower" is most likely the flower of the pomegranate tree, which is called "grenade" in French.

  18. Do a Wild Rose by Avril Lavigne plsss <33!

  19. Forbidden rose reminds me a little of Christina Aguilera's By night.

  20. Nicolle Angela Gomez

    Can you please do a review of Christina Aguilera's newest perfume Secret Potion? thanks :) xx

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