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Perfume Review: Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson

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  1. I got the 30ml  :)

  2. Just bought this and it smells sooooo much like Angel by Thierry Mugler mixed with one of the poison ones?…its wonderful and her most downplayed,i also bought the I fancy you,,it was a  blind buy and I don't like it,it smells like pefume that's gone off lol,,what is the normal fancy like?


  4. I have the big bottle & honestly, everytime i wear this, i get compliments. Love smelling mysterious & different :) thanks for the review!

  5. LOVE this one. It's so sultry and exotic smelling. Perfect for date nights. My bf loves it too.

  6. Great fragrance…far second only to Chanel Coromandel. The incense and Benzoin are missing and it's not as long lasting, but can definitely give Coromandel strong competition. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights is also so affordable. I am definitely not a fan of fruity fragrances and have always preferred spicy, exotic fragrances with Sandalwood and Fancy nights is the affordable version of Coromandel

  7. I've actually read some reviews of this fragrance comparing it to Shalimar. And Shalimar ain't cheap. Think I'm gonna check this out.

  8. I love and TRUST your reviews above all the others I've watched on YouTube. Would you please consider doing a review on Betsey Johnson's Too Too? I've only been able to find two reviews, and both seemed biased instead of descriptive. I love your reviews for many different reasons. You're passionate about it, and it shows. Keep up the great job, and keep being you because you, sir, are fabulous!!! 

  9. Really great review! As always, a lot of fun to watch. Detailed, creative, and very entertaining. Thank you!

  10. Its smells like the finished version of Peace Love Juicy Couture.

  11. Antonios LesvosLover

    I got it so cheap I use it as a toilet spray, must of been a crappy perfume

  12. Sue Booth (thatgirl1269)

    I put off buying Fancy Nights for a number of years – not sure why.  I ended up buying a 50 ml bottle (or was it 75 ml? can't remember at the moment) about two months ago and it's almost gone!  I love it that much that I ended up purchasing the 100 ml bottle only two weeks after I purchased the 50 ml!  I thought it would smell cheap and generic, but it smells way more expensive and luxurious.  A really nice surprise! :)

  13. Exactly what the commenter said below me. I adore the bottle, reminds me of Polo cologne…but it just isn't something I'd wear. Great review btw :)

  14. SweetBoyFragranceRev

    I want to Love this SOOO bad, but i just cant! I seriously, almost faint when i try to wear it, because it is just so strong and elderly smelling! I might pick up a bottle anyways, cause i ADORE the bottle!

  15. I love the way you describe scents. You're too adorable.

  16. Amanda Salvatore

    This smells really bad :(

  17. I got this in a set with Fancy and Fancy Love….I still think this is for men!!!

  18. "If you wore this on a summer day, you would get like.. ARRESTED" Hahaha I laughed so hard. You are so adorable and sooo right!!! <3

  19. Great review!! I didn't like this scent at first, but after watching your review; I might give it another try!

  20. wonderwoman49264

    I got this tonight! There is a new little perfume store in the mall & I got the gift set with the showergel,Lotion,Rolorball and the 3.4oz bottle. I am a little scared to spray it, I can smell it REALLY strong from just opening it! I mean really strong & it has NOT been sprayed! I thought it would be a little stronger than Britney's Believe (& I love that) but this is like a Million times stronger! I think I will test this @ home on one of my nights off before I ware it in Plublic.You did SUPER!

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