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Perfume Review: Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

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  1. Just wanted to say that you are a very sweet person. I love your reviews!

  2. I love this perfume ??

  3. Actually i muted this shit and just watched u! !!! U have a boyfriend?

  4. I agree, do a review on Vintage Bloom :)

  5. do vintage bloom

  6. how long does it last

  7. I have this perfume n i totally love it. Its sweet n gentle, n i didnt notice of the smell u til u said creamy n peaches. I nw do

  8. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  9. I'm wearing this today. One of the best perfumes period. I have designer fragrances,celeb and this one blows everything away.

  10. My favorite perfume. Love it

  11. I love this scent!! To me it smells like peaches and cream with a hint of caramel and marshmallow!! I love your perfume reviews!! You describe them the BEST!!

  12. It's lovely indeed! I bought this blind and your review encouraged me a lot. But it does smell just like Burberry. Love your videos :)

  13. Looks like a $100 toilet dispenser

  14. i think burberry is much different from fancy,burberry is nice but a liitle bit stronger than the fancy..i find fancy more creamier and smell like cake and chocolate,just my opinion cause i have both of them.

  15. FrenchKissPersia

    its not identical…i find fancy love much creamier and more pleasent tbh. the burberry one is kinda "scratchy"…maybe im the only one who find it so. but i would def. recommand fancy love over burberry classic

  16. Hi, i really like your reviews, can you do one for escada absolutely me perfume?

  17. Absolute favorite perfume it is soooooo amazing. Vera Wang princess was my favorite until I found this.

  18. I wonder if I have a bad bottle of this (it's from a set of minis)because it smells like dry, roll on Ban deoderant. It isn't at all peachy, creamy, anything. I seriously think I was cheated, man.

  19. I LOVE THIS PERFUME! It is so sweet and romantic like you said. I know it sounds a little cheesy but I want to wear this on my wedding day, it is the perfect scent!

  20. ive just bought myself a fancy love today,and im kinda suprised cause it was like too strong smelled like a rum for a first few minutes..then i let it dry on my skin,after a while i smelled a sweet some kind of vanilla..which i really love.over all,it is a sweet kind of scent,good for humid weather like philippines.

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