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Perfume Review: Fancy Girl by Jessica Simpson

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  1. Chelsey McAnally

    And I can't wait for the Britney perfume reviews!!! I just ordered intimate fantasy and I hear it's one of her best so I'm excited to hear what you think of it whenever you end up getting it/review it :)

  2. Chelsey McAnally

    Looove the color of your walls :) 

  3. Glad you are back!! :) great review.

  4. Fragoholic has the best reviews on youtube/ hes always reliable, I always find what he says to be true, except the review of fairydust by paris hilton. Im so relieved hes back and now I cannot wait to buy Fancy Girl!

  5. So glad you're back! I love your reviews and have been suffering from fragoholic withdrawals :) 

  6. I'm so freakin' happy your back with no signs of departure anytime soon I hope. You are what inspired me to start collection fragrances and I would love to see a collection video from you sometime to see what ones you've gotten since your hiatus.

  7. welcome back!!!

  8. I'm glad you're back I ❤️ your reviews. Please do one of island fantasy by Britney Spears 


    joyful sobbing

  10. Richard John A. Esguerra

    I'm happy to know that you're back!

  11. "The pear always gets bullied" haha..

  12. Could you please do a review of "that moment" and/or "you and I" both by one direction? I see you have done an our moment review and was wondering if you could do the rest? I love your vids. , keep being awesome !! :-)

  13. Welcome back! :) great review as always.


  15. Iam so happy that you are back, hey its me Sven from germany, how are you? Cant wait for your Britney Spears special. By the way this was awesome review and I hope you go on. Jennifer Lopez has got Rio Glow ou since 2014, do you know it? And Jessica Simpson has also another fragrance called vintage blom. Its also really god.

  16. Overall BEST fragrance review you pay attention to detail,precise and very informative and of course funny and super cute. I love your fragrance reviews and I missed you!!

  17. i would love to see a nicki minaj onika review!


  19. YAY i'm so happy you're back missed your videos:) & Pleaaaaaaase please please do a Britney Week

  20. Great review! Nice comeback video :) So happy your back it's like a part of me was gone when you were but now its back :) I am excited about this scent because I do find Fancy to be a little overpowering. But fancy love is my favorite by far from the line :) but I am exited to check this out. :) anyway yay welcome back again.

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