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Perfume Review: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

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  1. There is lemon in the top notes actually.. :) Loved your review, I agree, not floral smelling at all. Definitely one of my favorite perfumes.

  2. i totaly agree with lemon sharp smell

  3. Melinda Longoria

    My husband just bought this fragrance for me. Very thorough review. Thank you for explaining what notes are and also the difference between EDT and EDP.

  4. You're stunningly beautiful by the way! xx

  5. Finally a decent review from someone over their teens!! Seems like all the reviews I could find we're from teenage girls & it was beginning to put me off buying it! Just coz I'm in my 20's & don't want to smell like a teenager! Thanks for doing this! xxx

  6. It took me forever to buy this because i felt like everyone wore it! But I always really liked the smell of it. I purchased it around christmas in a gift set and just started wearing. Oh my gosh I LOVE IT. I think it's interesting though how a lot of people point out it's coolness but it really "warms" up on my skin…to me on me it smells really warm. Such a great review :)

  7. no it is cedar

  8. daughteroftheelement

    This was an amazing review!

  9. I been wearing this perfume since 2004 I LOVE THIS!! ANd Baby Fat Goddess pink..those r my 2 favs!

  10. i LOVEEEE this perfume ♥ can't wait to buy it! it lasts about 5-6 hours on me, so i guess that depends on your body chemistry n such.

  11. thank you so much for this review! This is my FIRST perfume purchase ever! Yeah, I know right? I have never found a fragrance that I liked until this one, so I got it! It is amazing and so fresh! I love that you have so many fragrances and know alot about them. thanks for the info on the toilette and parfum..i've always wondered what the difference was…you are wonderful thanks!

  12. I feel like this scent is fairly linear, and smells similar from beginning to end. Maybe slightly less citrusy as it wears.

  13. High Carb Whole Foods

    It has Sicilian Citron in the top notes, not Sicilian cedar. That's why it smells like lemon. I understand why this fragrance is a classic. I find it very fresh and clean, but still sexy because of the cedar, amber, and musk, which are three of my favorite notes.

  14. This has always been my favorite perfume! And i only use it in summer as well!

  15. maybe it doesnt smell on you like your cuzin because of the oxidation in your skin is kinda different wen it oxidizes like makeup sits on our skin after a while..

  16. Brittney Hagerman

    victoria secret fresh and clean from PINK smells super similar too light blue

  17. I always love your Perfume Reviews. If you could make your own perfume, what would it smell like?

  18. you running out of ideas on making videos????

  19. This is my perfume right now!!! I love it!!!

  20. This was SO helpful. I went to Ulta last week and sprayed this perfume on one of the tester sticks after hearing so many rave reviews about it. I absolutely hated it and couldn't understand why people like it so much. Now I know that I should have sprayed it on myself and given it a chance for an hour or so. Guess I'll head on back to Ulta! :)

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