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Perfume Review: Christina Aguilera

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  1. I was in Khol's and I was debating whether to get Red Sin or By day. I ended up getting Christina Aguilera's red sin. It's a very fall/winter scent :) 

  2. Excellent reviews! Big fan of your videos… You should try by night, absolutely her best!!! I've gone through many bottles xx

  3. You should do a review for Red Sin by Christina Aguilera… Nice reviews btw! :)

  4. it is. just as her brand new one, unforgettable, is very similar to chanel noir. i think what she's doing is taking her iconic, favorite fragrances and putting a slight spin on them and making them more affordable.

  5. i just purchased this and its amazing..i'm in love..i think its my new fav fragrance

  6. I love your passion/personality ! New Subbie xD…& also, I'm sold, gotta get me this scent now!!!! :)

  7. He definitely sold me lmaoo I want it now

  8. it was different kinds tho

  9. i got two bottles of this stuff from walmart

  10. Que cancion es esa?

  11. Nuttapon Chonviboon

    In asia not have already so saddddd

  12. Omg! I love these perfumes they smell really good!

  13. Her perfumes are one of the most awarded celebrity perfumes, so they must be good. Sears carries them.

  14. beflamboyantreviews

    Didnt you think by night was very similar to hypnotic poison? dior

  15. all xtina perfumes are amazing !!!

  16. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  17. Does anyone else think this smells like a softer and powdered version of FAME by Lady Gaga? My first impression was like a strong mature powder but now that I've worn it and just sprayed it I get Gaga but softer and powdery its similar like they could be sisters and Xtina is the more innocent soft one while Gaga is the loud statement scent. They're both nice but idk if you notice this as well they have somewhat the similar scent

  18. Hello, Will you be reviewing Christina Aguilera's other fragrances: By Night, Red Sin, or Royal Desire? Very curious to hear your thoughts about those, too.

  19. And you should get Red Sin

  20. You should get her By Night Perfume

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