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Perfume Review: Christina Aguilera By Night Spring

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  1. haha this review was actually so fun to watch, and it did help me to choose which one I'll purchase… first at least 😉 

  2. Great review, and you're totally adorable. I'm really interested in trying her perfumes, especially the red sin. 

  3. farook al hassany

    You can purchase all her perfumes online from her website..

  4. what in ur opinion by night has more and less than day? thx

  5. I can honestly say By Night does last much longer than the original perfume. I also prefer this one over the original!

  6. Hello, Can you tell me whether this perfume has good staying power? I've heard that her original tends to fade quickly. Just got her new Red Sin and that seems to last a long time. Does By Night last a long time?

  7. Yes I do have that album! And I am a huge fan of it.

  8. DustinBowyerOfficial

    this has nothing to do with the perfume but did you get her new album lotus?

  9. Well, I live in Portugal (you probably never heard of it)
    Thanks, you're so nice!

  10. I am not sure I have been doing research to see if I can find it and so far I cannot. Can you give be a specific region of Europe for me to research :)

  11. Where can I buy it in Europe outside UK?

  12. It is ranges from 35-45 dollars depending on what size you get :)

  13. It's isn't to sweet. And it does have citrus in it at certain points in the notes. I also always get compliments whenever I wear this perfume as well.
    PS: I'm always jealous of people with brown eyes! I love them

  14. is this too much sweet? cause i've been thinking about buying this perfume, but i don't like too sweet.. i prefer citrus.. So, would you advise me to buy or not ? and i LOVED your eyes, jealous that my eyes are really brown

  15. It is so good! If you are able to go to a store and smell it I would! It's just so amazing! But I again it is my favorite so I would reccomend it to anyone lol :)

  16. i'm so intrigued now! i wanna smell it!

  17. I haven't tried those! I will definitely get some samples and if I like it I will purchase a full bottle! Thanks for the tip!

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