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Perfume Review: Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria

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  1. I just bought the largest 3.4 bottle of this perfume for $25 at tj maxx. Luckily the box was open because tj maxx doesn't do samples you can't usually smell before you buy but I got lucky with this one. It smells absolutely gorgeous and I had a rollerball of the original euphoria which I found way to heavy for my liking but this scent is much lighter but still a nice sophisticated night time scent. 

  2. Actually, I got a sample too :) In the mail. I HAD to go out and buy it :) It's the only perfume I own..

  3. Awesome :) I think it smells great, I was pleasantly surprised! I never would have considered smelling it in the stores without having my little sample!

  4. I'm in 8th grade and I'm SO in love with this perfume, okay! It's not just for people older than high school 😛

  5. Thanks Maria! I've gotten some pretty nice deals on full size perfumes and perfume roll ons!

  6. Nice review, I gotta check perfumania prices, thanks for sharing ,Nikki !;)

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