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Perfume Review – Burberry Brit EDT for Women

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  1. Sagittarius or Capricorn can't go wrong wiffem

  2. December birthdays are the best

  3. I have edp version and it's really great

  4. lol, thank you *blush*
    I am saving up for a new perfume, student wallet ;_;

  5. I love your perfume reviews! you should do more :))

  6. How would you compare Burberry Brit EDT to Coco Mademoiselle EDT? From your description they seem similar to me.

  7. Great review btw!

  8. you're welcome :)

  9. thanks so much!!

  10. Hmm, well, for the EDT, it'll be perfect for fall and winter. But, I guess it could relate to any season, when it's hot you can wear only a small amount of it. It won't be cloying, in fact it's very fresh. Since there's only sunny and rainy season in my country, I can wear it any time.

    Of course you can, LOL xD. I wear it to school often! And all my friends loved it! But well, just wear a couple of spritzes if you want to wear it to school. A small amount of it will totally cover you at school.

  11. good video I was wondering if you can wear it in every seasons? and can you wear it in school??

  12. mine too! :)
    thank you 😀

  13. Definitely one of my favourites of all time!, good review by the way.

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