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Perfume Review: Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

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  1. It smells amazing and the scent lasts forever haha

  2. VB forever

  3. Can't wait to get it! I'm like super exited. haha :)

  4. do a review of love first glow of jennifer lopez and live perfume of jennifer 

  5. Your review is really cute, love the way you stop sometime for thinking :D

  6. Sweetest Fantasy ever. One spray do it all.

  7. it smells amazing. I love it more than original fantasy!!!!! midnight fantasy is the best of britney's range

  8. thank god i found you!!! im like non stop going through all your videos… do a perfume giveaway (international) plzz!

  9. i just smelled this for like my third time today and i gotta say i like midnight better than the original fantasy. but what i am still debating on is midnight, circus or hidden fantasy as my everyday wear.. because with hidden fantasy i like that warm feeling cozy smell i get hahha even tho i have never smelled hidden! i am going to buy either one on amazon because that's where i always get some of my perfume! crazy cheap! please help a nigga out!

  10. One of my favourites 

  11. how much did it cost?

  12. It's weird but it smells like blueberries to me too.

  13. "It will definitely last you for whatever you're gonna get up to that night…"
    0.0 me and my dirty mind….

  14. i got the last 100ml midnight fantisy!!!!

  15. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  16. Avril Lavigne Wild Rose please♥

  17. Amazing♥♥

  18. love it.. i used it until totally empty. love the scent and now i'm using rihanna rebelle, love the scent 2.

  19. Which o u like more?

  20. Can you do a review on Bruno Banani perfumes? I love Made For Women and Magic Woman, I think you'll like it! Can you please do a review on them?

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