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Perfume Review: Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy

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  1. Your reviews are so helpful. You describe them very well. I definitely appreciate how detailed you are when describing the notes. You're absolutely perfect!! Thanks :) 

  2. I agree about the scent being very warm and festive, :D

  3. Fragrantica reviewers are blaming the overpowering Clove.

  4. I love this one better than any Fantasy's 

  5. On me this one does not smell of anything. At all. So I was really surprised when you said it is strong and longlasting.. lol.. Weird it can be that much of a difference.. :)

  6. Nice, I love this bottle.You are cute.:)

  7. I just bought this and once I listen to your reviews I start to like it more.

  8. Ugh! I saw this at winners for $16 and I didn't buy it! I'm hating myself right now! So I'm gonna go back and buy it. Fingers crossed that it is still there! I'm so stupid argh!

  9. love midnight fantasy and fantasy! smells so niceeeee

  10. this scent reminds me of Christmas

  11. I just got one for my aunt, now I'm pretty sure she'll love it :)
    Thanks for the review !

  12. sugar and spice like pumpkin pie&whipped cream?

  13. What is the song in the beging

  14. Is tht smeel like orange and vanilla cake ?

  15. it smells like orange?

  16. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  17. RandomSarahGrace

    Thanks, you really helped me ! I watched this and your other video with Cosmic Radiance, and I've chosen this one seen as the other one has pear… I'm not a fan of pear, but these two looked exactly the same to me, only Cosmic Radiance is cheaper.

  18. Barefoot through the moss

    I like this perfume!!! Thank you for review, i've the same thoughts. And your charm turn my head %)
    On me this one is like souffle…or like powder..very soft, enveloping, holiday, dark aroma. Very delicious. And it's similar to Mandarina Duck – Rouge Intense, but no so pepper and wild.

  19. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Did you Fantasy Twist ?

  20. he said midnight fantasy

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