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Perfume Review: Beyonce Pulse NYC

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Beyond Love 3.4 Oz Eau De Parfum Women Perfume Impression Beyonce Heat Rush

  • Beyond Love 3.4 Oz Eau De Parfum Women Perfume Impression Beyonce Heat Rush
Beyond Love 3.4oz EDP Women Spray by Diamond Collection

Price: $ 8.50


  1. Um… In terms of Pulse Summer: Ebay, Amzon etc. I missed it too!  that's where I'm headed for it LOL

  2. woow its so good i like beyonce the new fragrance this parfum have my sister and i like it i smell it and than i smell it i feel the flowers or magnesium like sweet milk or some something it good.. love beyonce ":):).)

  3. I got the Pulse NYC set this year.

  4. You can get pulse summer edition on ebay

  5. Please do sofia by sofia vergara

  6. Picked up a bottle of this today, the original is lush, this one is even nicer, loving the raspberry and patchouli notes.  Great review :-)

  7. Marcus Asklöf

    You can buy pulse summer edition on eBay!

  8. I just bought this on sale for only $12 soooooooo much better than pulse in my opinion. I really like this scent. So funny cause I have heat and heat rush really like original heat and pulse and pulse nyc and only like pulse nyc. 

  9. RiRihSwaagVEVO R

    will you do a review on Rogue by Rihanna

  10. Will you do a review on The Key by  Justin Bieber 

  11. You can get Pulse Summer on ebay.

  12. plz do killer queen

  13. Killer queen <3

  14. Do the new taylor swift perfume Taylor

  15. Please do perfume collection.. :)

  16. It is limited but it's STILL in production! Just not in the United States. You'll have to get it from ebay or somewhere online

  17. Can you do a selena gomez perfume Review please

  18. You can buy this from fragrancenet. I got my 1.7oz bottle in the mail a few days ago :-) for under $30!

  19. Where are you ?

  20. You still need to do fantasy twist an now you need to do island :(

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