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Perfume Review: Avril Lavigne Wild Rose

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  1. OMG.I really hope there is 100ml of Avril's Wild Rose in my country.

  2. Thank u so much for making this perfume review!!!

  3. Nat .O'Neill (Booksfortomorrow)

    you should do a perfume collection video!

  4. my parents said i could get one of her fragrances for Christmas. Which one out of all three is the best one?

  5. A tip: never hold your bottles from the cap, it can take off and the bottle may drop

  6. kittysmokesganjaful

    Rogue by rihanna!!!!

  7. Where have you been?!!! I want your review!!!

  8. I LOVE AVRIL!!!!!

  9. ErikaMusicMakeup

    Anyone know if you buy any of Avrils perfumes in Canada now?? And if so..what store?? :)

  10. Slipknotsfreakshow

    This is my fav perfume <3 I wore it in class and a guy comes on the class and says some 1 smells good I'm like me he comes up and smells my perfume and says u smell good. And all these girls comes up to me abd say u should really let me have some of tht. I love the creme brûlée scent <3

  11. @ Samantha. Forbidden Rose smells the best!!

  12. Slipknotsfreakshow

    I think she means tht for the children when u don't use it throw it away because u dint want kids choking on it. But only if u never wanna wear it.

  13. PERFECT <3

  14. samanthalovesndubz

    Whats The Best Avril Perfume Black Star, Forbidden Rose Or Wild Rose? x

  15. Greg, I hope you've bought "Dazzle" by Paris Hilton!

  16. I'm so getting this plus it's only $20 at gordmans!

  17. Killer queen <3

  18. wonderwoman49264

    Jennifer Lopez has 2 new Fragrances coming out! one is RIO GLOW and the 2nd is JLOVE! So excited!

  19. U have to review nicki minajs new perfume minajesty when it comes out

  20. stop reviewing bullshit lol

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