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Perfume Review: Avril Lavigne Black Star

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  1. So you play Girlfriend when they have a song called Black Star. The name of the perfume. T-T

  2. Thank you so much for your review. You seem to really know your stuff! I happen to like black star very much for casual daily use as you said. Does anyone know where I can find it?! I bought it once at Kohls and need a new bottle and cannot seem to find it!

  3. I love your videos! You're so sweet! :)

  4. Slipknotsfreakshow

    They canceled all avril lavigne perfumes :(

  5. Slipknotsfreakshow

    Why did they discontinue the wild rosé? :( did they cancel it in VA?

  6. samanthalovesndubz

    Does It Last Long On Your Skin? xx

  7. do you have a bottle of her Wild Rose? that one is simple and cute, if u dont have it u might wanna snag yourself a bottle since it discontinued, their on sale on ebay for $19.99 right now get em while you can

  8. I support your sexuality all the way :) I love your videos

  9. i have it and it smells like old woman…. i hate the plum smell… i love Forbidden rose 😀 buy it guys

  10. the bottle is beautiful

  11. how much does it cost?

  12. mine is not pink mine is white wine collore!!

  13. Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

  14. thts cool

  15. Why are people being such jerks? And thanks for the review! This stuffs expensive lol

  16. Bebsyficationable

    I love the ring! I'm so into this <3

  17. Can you please do a review on a Bruno Banani perfume? I personally love Made 'For Women' and 'Magic Woman'. PLEASE!!!

  18. u talk like a fagged ass !! be a man ., keep it real !

  19. I have it ,love it ♥♥

  20. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    you are gay

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