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Perfume Review Armani Code

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  1. thats my favorite perfume too! Another good one is Euphoria by Calvin Klein

  2. is this for women?

  3. Melinda Swafford

    Cinnamon is the smell i sense 

  4. Pressing Random Buttons

    Dat stuff it good! I "borrowed" it from one of my mom's gift baskets and I've been using it ever snce.

  5. It's still a favorite of mine. I wear it year round.

  6. It's so great. I keep a bottle in my car just in case I forget to put perfume on or need a little extra boost.

  7. i've gone though like 3 bottles of armani code! i love it sooooo much

  8. No I haven't I will have to test it the next time I'm at the store. thanks for the tip I'm always looking for good perfume!

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