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Perfume Review

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  1. You are so fuckin intense, just a ball of energy and realness. I'm subscribing. Keep it up, love your personality.

  2. imogen newton-ford

    I love you 😂

  3. Chill hunny!!! Holy take a breath ! 

  4. I loved that intro so much!

  5. You always crack me the fuck up!

  6. Where did you buy onika?

  7. Hey nicole! Could you do a room tour? Please xx :)

  8. Nice collection i love it

  9. How can you review perfume? Everybody's smell is different. Maybe you should try tutorials, but showing us how you do the makeup. I did enjoy your tutorial but I was disappointed as I wanted to see how you did the makeup 

  10. "do whatever you want, just don't do it cheap" – nicole bickel

  11. I hope you were addressing me in the gaga comment x

  12. Hi awkward! I watched you on my iPad while in the bath and felt I was being water boarded! Did you take a breath? ACIIIID

  13. @Joe Bloggs 

    Yeah as i feel very glamorous:)  

  14. Your such a bish

  15. oh my god i died when you spat out. you're amazing!!😂😂

  16. 06:22 really nicole?! Hahahahahah lmao

  17. 4:50 That speech… Please run for Prime Minister Nicole please 😂😂xx

  18. Omg i love you so much

  19. Love you Nicole 

  20. Tell us what the image was! You are so fucking hilarious let's be friends 

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