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Perfume Pick-Ups 2016

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  1. sandycheexmumina

    l'impératrice no 3!!! not 6 lol. you will confuse ur watchers!!! I will definately be checking out the gucci gorgeous gardenia because dng l'impératrice is my all time fave too (is have like a 100 perfumes…. maybe more, I'm terrible!)

  2. How do you find the perfume now? After wearing it for a while? Do people compliment? 😀

  3. Oh dear, many times I have bought a perfume just because of the bottle 😳

  4. purplesuninthesky

    I have bluebell… nectarine blossom ….yum and blackberry and bay …. I want more!!!!!! But my favorite is nectarine blossom

  5. purplesuninthesky

    Have you tried the new nail polish from Chanel hope you can do a video on that

  6. purplesuninthesky

    I love perfumes!!!!!! I still haven't found my signature scent though!!!!!

  7. Cloudburst2000

    If you like Jo Malone, you should also try out Jo Loves fragrances. They are made by the woman Jo Malone as she no longer works for Jo Malone fragrances anymore. She sold it to Estee Lauder and left when she didn't like the direction the company was taking. You can order a fragrance experience from Jo Loves where you get samples of all their fragrances and a voucher for a bottle of your favorite. My favorites are 'No 42 Flower Shop' and 'White Rose and Lemon Leaves'. I also like several of the Serge Lutens fragrances. My fave from them is La Fille De Berlin.

  8. katie netherton

    omg girl where is that ring from! i want the deets on it im in love with it!

  9. whenthemomentstrikes

    that jo malone! is the bomb! im tried the smaller size and so need the bigger size! nice picks

  10. Samantha Semko Truitt

    love love love that jo malone scent! it's become my absolute favorite perfume.

  11. Jo malone Vanilla & Anise!!! try it next time Minnie ❤

  12. Great video Minnie! 🌸

  13. Hi Minnie! I just started watching your channel and I love your channel! Have you ever tried the Bond Number 9 perfumes? If not you should. They're amazing and you can layer them just like the Jo Malone. Also they send you a free purse spray at least once a year. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 😄

  14. Thanks Minnie!I went to Macy's today.I got the Gucci Flora Gardinia and the Dior Blomming Bouquet.Thank you so much I love them both.They don't sell the Jo Malone so I will have to go to Saks.Your the best!Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. 2 weeks ago I got blue agave & cacao and its AMAZING! funnily I almost picked mimosa&cardamom but I didn't because they only had it on the 30ml, but I got obsessed with it!! its an amazing scent, and as you said its so original, doesn't smell like anything else!… you should try the blue agave&cacao as your next! is just amazing, yes it does smell like chocolate but is so weird (amazing) because it smells so fresh!, almost like a cacao water or something :D

  16. Mimosa and cardamom smells great layered with the wood sage and sea salt fragrance. I bought them both but they only last on me for a very short time. Love the way they smell but I won't be repurchasing. Girl by Pharrel has a violet undertone, smells great and is long lasting. I love it. You may love it too. I got a sample from Sephora and ordered it the next day.

  17. Hi MinnieI just went thus past weekend & tried some scents. Try mixing the mimosa with tuberose Angelica!!!Marta

  18. I have that JM Minnie! I am obsessed with it & get so many compliments! I usually layer that with something sweet. Obsession!! lol

  19. Love the video! I bought my first jo Malone last fall, wood sage and sea salt. Love it! Will definitely be buying more. And I love their customer service. I came home with about 6 different samples to try.

  20. SeaToSkyDreaming

    The way you got about the men's cologne is how I get about my husband wearing Spice Bomb. I just cannot stop smelling him. So funny.=)

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