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Perfume-Parlour Review

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  1. I bought the tuscan leather as well and it is spot on. I couldn't rally pick it apart. Hope the site stays up, they're really good. 

  2. I've been using Perfume Parlour products for nearly a year. They are exceptional quality and give you the chance to try many, many otherwise unaffordable and exclusive scents. In my experience, the scents are 100% accurate. I hope that people use them and keep them in business as they have a massive treasure trove of scents and, so easy to buy with PayPal. The 3ml rollers (£2.25) last for ages and are more concentrated than the sprays as they're pure perfume oil. BRILLIANT! 

  3. mohammed habib N'bandi

    Wicked review 

  4. mohammed habib N'bandi

    What do you think of the rollers

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