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Perfume & Make-up Haul (Sephora, Guerlain, YSL, Balenciaga, Urban Decay & More)

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  1. @littleraskle Lol, you're too funny. Uploading longer videos is a pain, but I'll try. I can't do anything over 5 minutes, though. I'd bore myself to death. lol

  2. TOO SHORT!!!!! LOL im going to comment on all your vids, why arent they longer???????????

  3. @cheapcharlie13 Thanks. I'll do a swatch of it in my next video.:)

  4. Nice presents:)
    can you please do a swatch of the OPI nail polish?

  5. mysugarspundream

    fantastic haul! and the engraving on the lip stick is sooo sweet of you!

  6. @SeaSireness Me too. And for that price I wasn't going to leave it. lol
    I also found Cherry Blossom for the same price at Marshalls.

  7. @DeeDeeDelovely Lol, thank you.:)) I like the colour but not the consistency of it. How many layers do you have to put on to get it to be opaque? Or do you like it kind of sheer?:)

  8. I will say it again,best hauls on YT. I am loving Chanel Riva.

  9. @DolcheVitaline Thank you very much!:) Herba Fresca is next on my list. I've tried it before at Sephora, and really liked it! Since it's bitterly cold where I am right now, anything that reminds me of summer is a good thing in my book.:)

  10. @halabeloeza Thank you for your lovely comment!:)) I think Play by Givenchy is a fun and flirty scent. Good choice.

    I do like the Guerlain primer, but honestly, it's not spectacular. It does brighten your face, and it's very nicely scented, but it's not adequate when it comes to making your foundation last longer. At least not on me.

    I speak the language of the other half of your country as well (not Flemish, though). :))

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