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Perfume Dream Fighter ~ One Room Disco ~ Mirai no Musium

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  1. beautiful

  2. To see their face light up when the audience song the lyrics… I loved that part

  3. suama yuuri (すあま)


  4. 3人ともめっちゃ楽しそうで可愛い😍😍😍

  5. arigatougozaimasu

  6. love it

  7. garlichead footman

    i really want to know the name of the guy with the hat

  8. Rosanjelica Castiyo

    Genial qué lindas son me encantan me gusta más la del cabello corto ellas son geniales

  9. The guy with the top hat… is it purpose that he act like he didn't care? I mean it's… really… kind of annoying to watch his "Geez so lame"-face. I could enjoy it more when I knew that he does it in purpose. D:

  10. who's that magician? i can't stop laughing when this guy appears on the screen.

  11. Could someone link the songs they did?  I really want to put them in a playlist

  12. Someone needs to stab the bitch in the top hat.  He can't be fucked to enjoy a great performance.

  13. Nam, Dong Yoon, 남동윤

    Who are that 2 guys? Japanese musician? What is name?

  14. 受験生には最高のギフトソングではないでしょうか・・

  15. UPお疲れ様です^^夢に向かって挑戦し続けるってPerfumeの3人が歩んできた姿そのものだと思います(^^)

  16. 類君最近見かけないけど、元気しとるんかな??
    Dream Fighter、そういえばこないだのL.Vで 『さーきまでっ!!』 の部分
    絶叫出来て幸せでした (≧▽≦)

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