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  1. I love your accent!! Lovely by SJP smells like mosquito repellent spray on me. I was so disappointed. Also, the J Lo Miami Glow smells like men's shaving cream on me. Again, very disappointed.

  2. BeautyShopaholic

    @musicfan9001 Hey! The FCUK perfume is amazing! Its very fresh smelling and great for Summer time. I don't get a huge feeling of floral, so i think its mostly fresh. xox

  3. hi I'm thinking of getting fcuk perfume.. is it like a fresh cleanish smell or floral at all??? let me know please..

  4. BeautyShopaholic

    Hey, yeah its a heavier scent and lingers through the day. Its gorgeous, i am rather biased as it was my wedding perfume :) Its really beautiful….great for special occasions. xox

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