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PERFUME COLLECTION | My Favorite Fragrances

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  1. All I can think about is how amazingly shiny your hair is!

  2. Can you do another update??

  3. I love collecting perfume and the bottles are so pretty. Thanks a lot for making this video!

  4. Tati I'm so excited for this video because I'm a perfume junkie lol
    my favorite one is Pure Poison from Dior is so sophisticated light buy stong and different and I always get complements and I know you will love it because I love most of your favorite ones ;)

  5. You look really similar to Jennifer Anniston with your hair straight down the middle!

  6. Hi beautiful girl! How did I miss this one? I love perfume videos. Your hair should be in a museum. Its just so gorgeous! Love your collection!

  7. Nice collection..  you look like Jennifer Aniston..  :)  

  8. These are all great perfumes.  Enjoyed your video.  

  9. You are very right about the Thiery Mugler Angle the star one. When one likes it, they really like it. But when one does not like it, they really hate it. Hehe

    Good review :)

  10. You look gorgeous in this video. 

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