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Perfume Collection! | Lianagrey23

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  1. DearMeNoUserName

    Can you do an updated version? I love your taste in clean/fresh scents :)

  2. nice descriptions :) and i like your collection!

  3. Nikolina Petrova

    OK, in your Summer Fragrances video from 2013 you're saying Dreaming in Portofino is not a long lasting perfume at all. Now you're saying it is and it will last on you all day. What's up with that??

  4. "Decaying grandma"….shame on you!

  5. I really liked your video, I found it very interesting and fun to watch! If you have time could you check this new youtuber named Allyson Danielle? If not that is alright too. Keep up the good work! :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdcUob1MJC_-TBEFtoskFpA

  6. Lovely collection.. ! Do you have tested Hypnotic poison ? Can you recommand a sexy perfume that last all day ?? Thank you ! Lot of love www

  7. but I like your makeup and you look so cute with your hair up 💜🍭🌈

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