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PERFUME COLLECTION: Hermes, Chanel, Dior

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  1. Katia Jean-Baptiste

    Girl, I've been on the search for a signature perfume for months now (so I've opt'd to just buy roll-ons to test out). I love your energy and spirit!!!! Inspirational to start doing my thing =D
    #bèlbagay #GoGirl

  2. I love Alien but in no way I would compare it to Prada Candy. Alien is a jasmine bomb.

  3. Too funny… I love perfume

  4. Anna nbjhfbjdh fmxnbfvj

    your so pretty omg

  5. Hey I was wondering are you Haitian

  6. carameldelice8317

    u look LIKE blachina (Brown skin version )

  7. chocolate ties27

    lol you're too sweet 😄😄😄

  8. chocolate ties27

    some great scents. but who told you to say perfum and toilette like that lol you're too funny

  9. MissAdamLambert888

    Great collection !!! If you liked the Bulgari, I suggest you try out the Mon Jasmin Noir – it's basically the EDP version of what you showed, I think you'd love it ! <3

  10. Michelle aka constantconnie

    I love Miss Dior blooming bouquet too ! Almost finished with my bottle. Unfortunately it only comes in edt :( Great perfume video ! thanks for sharing

  11. Great collection. Thank you for sharing.

  12. just got on here and I'm loving the vibe =! girl u give me life!

  13. MakeupBySarahMae

    New subbie!

  14. I really enjoyed this perfumes haul video from you. seriously i watched it over and over again like 10 times. i really love your sense of humour and the way you talk. My favorites from your perfumes haul are the Lancome Vita La Belle Donna Karan Cashmere and the one when you mentioned about Bahamas, kiwi and fruits :-) i have Versace Bright Crystal, i love that one too. :) thank you for sharing. by the way, looooveee the outfit you wearing for this video. it soo gorgeous and sexy, and you look glowy and pretty with that make up and your braided hair look great.

  15. Nice collection! Alien is strooong on me. And Tresor as well. A lot stronger than Prada Candy. Interesting how perfumes last different amount of time on different people :)

  16. You're encouraging me to go perfume shopping. I only have one perfume I like by Michel Germain: "Sexual
    Fresh". And now it's discontinued 😡 SN: I'm getting box braids on Thursday. How long did they take. I'm sooooo impatient 😩😩😩

  17. Kharleen Theosaincylus

    girl you said it right it french and it's chance😊

  18. That was such a cool video.

  19. love your collection…I'm an addict Ysl- black opium, Marc Jacobs- decadence, Tom Ford- Violet Blonde/noir. ❤

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